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VICE Media

Build a single, unified CMS to support verticals across the world.

What We Did

  • Platform Architecture
  • Product Strategy
  • Engineering

Project Details

  • Node.js
  • AWS Integration
  • Vue.js Application
  • Elasticsearch
  • API Integration

VICE Media is one of the fastest-growing media companies of the last few decades. From a small magazine in Canada, the company has grown to include dozens of websites, several TV shows, and a cable network.

The rapid growth of the VICE ecosystem led to a number of siloed content management platforms, each focused on needs for a particular region or vertical. VICE approached us with a clear mandate: sunset their existing tools and and bring all the content into a unified content management platform. They needed a flexible, powerful platform that would streamline work, enable growth, and align analytics across sites around the world.

One Unified Platform

By leveraging the latest web technologies alongside the team at VICE, we architected a flexible content platform that would integrate all VICE verticals, including international sites. Within 12 months, all VICE properties on the web were aligned, dramatically reducing maintenance needs while dramatically increasing productivity and net value to organization.

The new platform not only addressed years of struggle with a legacy platform, but also positions VICE for the future. New sites and verticals can be spun up immediately, allowing the company to expand its offerings quickly and efficiently.

One Unified Platform

Empowering Writers and Editors

Anywhere in the world and across any vertical, VICE editors experience a consistent set of tools at their disposal with the ability to crosspost across verticals and regions. Media management and manipulation, language translation, version control, embargo scheduling are just a few of the powerful features made available to content owners across VICE’s properties.

Today, VICE Media manages 200+ sites across 30 countries with a single unified content management system. A truly foundational platform has been put in place, eliminating years of legacy pain and positioning VICE for growth.

“Postlight showed incredible range—addressing not just the technical challenges, but also staying sharply focused on how the outcomes would affect our business. I've simply never had a closer, more valuable, or more enjoyable experience with an outside agency.”

Drake Martinet, Chief Product Officer, VICE Media