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One CMS Platform

to power a global media business

VICE Media grew so fast in the last two decades that they had content management systems all over the place. Postlight built one unified platform for everything.

VICE knew Postlight as an expert in solving the hardest possible platform problems. They wanted us to take more than 100 different global content properties and work hand-in-hand to merge everything into one single platform that did it all: managed millions of content objects, supported complex licensing, worked globally, and made translation workflows a breeze. So we got to work.

  • 100+ properties
  • One year of hard work
  • One platform

It wasn’t
just tech

We made sure to get buy-in. We started with the editors, listened, and learned. We worked with leadership, engineers, the video team, and ad sales to make sure that we were building something that served all.

We shipped a true
digital platform

It powers all the web traffic that comes out of VICE—from sites like VICE News and Munchies to translation workflows. And when a new feature comes online, it’s available to all the different properties. Billions of API calls, every month.

Upgrade the
whole business

We’re proud of the trust that VICE showed Postlight, and proud of what we built together.

A platform like this is key to growth, because whenever you upgrade the platform, you upgrade the whole business.