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Transforming Fintech

Postlight brings the best of modern software development to banking and finance

For many years, if you wanted powerful fintech tools on the desktop, you had to build native Windows applications. Most of the finance world runs on legacy .NET and Windows applications that are hard to update and demand constant maintenance and upkeep.

The end result is always the same: Under-resourced technology teams supporting apps that no one loves, and frustrated business owners watching opportunity slip away.

A Critical Upgrade

Platforms that power today’s most scalable apps—from Uber to Amazon—are ready to revolutionize fintech. Postlight specializes in bringing modern, secure web platforms to enterprises across finance and banking.

Intuitive. Fast. Secure.

By leveraging technologies like OpenFin and React, Postlight has built unbelievably complex, secure applications for one of the largest banks in the world. We’ve also written custom code to bring real-time financial interfaces to the web, improving the speed and quality on the desktop. We know how to connect complex fintech back-ends to amazing front-end experiences.

Growing Market Advantage

Postlight architects, designs, and builds highly scalable fintech experiences for both consumers and professionals, leveraging modern web technologies like OpenFin, React and Node.js, among others. The end result is great working software that gives our client a growing advantage in the market.