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Time Inc.’s mobile development team wanted to create and release more apps for the company’s various media properties. Sports Illustrated asked Postlight to help them accelerate their work. We built them a modular platform that makes it easier and faster to build apps, for SI and across Time Inc. brands.

Building better blocks

Since app development is a complex, time-hungry project, this multipurpose modular code system was a priority for Sports Illustrated and Time Inc. We updated the code to a more modern programming environment, and built (and rebuilt) for the future.

Wonderful widgets

Time’s engineering team asked us to build components that would allow quick construction of brand new apps. We created nine individual components that Time Inc. developers can use like LEGO to customize fresh new apps: article preview, dropdown menu, feed manager (a feed data model and networking layer), swipeable gallery, lists, scores for sports, settings, utility, and a video player. The code is smaller, less buggy, and easier to manage.