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Beat information overload on Slack with a dashboard for project managers and stakeholders.

What We Did

  • Web Application
  • Slack Application
  • Product Design
  • Product Management

Project Details

  • React.js application
  • Custom Firebase integration for user management
  • AWS Lambda and Serverless architecture
  • Heap analytics

What if there were an automated way for managers and directors to see the overview of all their projects at once, with something as easy as a command line request? We built the SOTU (State of the Union) Slack app to provide a web interface that gives an overview of updates for all projects within a company, or for a particular stakeholder.

Tightening the Slack

Slack is great, but it’s exhausting too, especially for managers overseeing multiple projects in multiple channels. As an agency, we suffer from this overload too. So we asked: “What’s the fastest path to get quick project summaries out of Slack?”

Your entire company at a glance

Managers can visit a web app where all their channels are listed—and when they need an update, they hit one button. When a channel member answers, the app is updated. That’s it.

Power below

Sounds simple. Underneath the hood there’s some serious API-wrangling, and there are some power tools on the front-end too. Labs projects like this let us try out new tech and see what works best—here, it’s React, Jest, and Tachyons. After launch it quickly found an enthusiastic user base, and today it’s a tool that helps numerous companies run more efficiently—including our own.