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Consolidate the digital publishing arm of a successful festival brand.

What We Did

  • Creative Direction
  • Engineering

Project Details

  • Content Management Tools
  • Themeable, fast-deploy single-page sites

NewCo celebrates mission-oriented businesses through a series of festivals featuring events, panels, and talks in 16 cities around the world. In order to complement its global presence, NewCo turned to Postlight to launch a digital publishing arm dedicated to highlighting content about NewCo festivals.

A platform of platforms

NewCo needed a way to connect its redesigned website with complex events and location data from festivals around the world. Although festival logistics information was being managed in a scheduling app called Sched, NewCo’s various data sources were disconnected. Simultaneously, the NewCo publishing arm needed to be rebuilt so that a new site could be launched in many cities—but all connected.

The right tool for the job

We created a WordPress theme that relies on custom development to integrate all NewCo’s data sources in one place. WordPress isn’t right for everything—but it was the best tool for this job. The WordPress theme manages all the data work autonomously, making API calls to apps like Sched, Medium, and NewCo’s back-end CMS to integrate the experience for NewCo and its customers. Because the theme is used in all 16 cities, the visual branding unifies the NewCo experience while allowing for customized content.