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Build a complete web parsing and content migration toolkit.

What We Did

  • API Design
  • Product Design
  • Engineering
  • Product Management

Project Details

  • Chrome extension
  • Zero-code Amp converter
  • Custom web parser

We made it incredibly easy for publishers to optimize their content for the mobile web. Mercury’s AMP converter extracts the meaningful components from your published pages’ code and creates an AMP’d version—all from just one line of code. The Mercury web parser completes the Mercury toolkit by making semantic sense out of any web article.

AMP in one line of code

In 2015, Google introduced the Accelerated Mobile Pages project (“AMP”), an open-source initiative to make mobile web pages fast again. But retrofitting an existing publishing platform or CMS to support AMP requires time and money. Mercury makes it possible to publish AMP pages with one line of code. Since we released it thousands of programmers have signed up for API keys and are using it to make AMP work for all.

Making a more meaningful web

Released soon after the Mercury AMP Converter, the Mercury Web Parser is the second addition to the Mercury toolkit, working to make semantic sense out of any web article. The parser’s single API endpoint takes your URL input and returns page content in an easy process and with reliable results. It’s an all-purpose toolkit for making web content programmable.


A more beautiful web

Once we had the parser, we had to show it off. So we built the Mercury Chrome Plugin, making any web page into a beautiful, easy-to-read, simplified version for people who need to cut away the clutter. It’s a great tool for accessibility—and makes the web a more inviting place.

Open is better

We built this platform because we care about the open web. We wanted to help publishers without access to tech resources support the mobile web. We wanted to release a reliable Web Parser and make AMP fast and easy. And we wanted a more readable web. We achieved those goals, and the platform keeps growing—available for free, used as an API by thousands of developers, and experienced by millions of people.