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Launch a framework for building scalable, Node.js-powered REST APIs with almost no code.

What We Did

  • API Framework Development
  • Open Source

Project Details

  • Command-line Application Generator
  • Custom Node.js Server and Middleware Implementation

We realized that allowing developers to carry knowledge over from prior projects would make building APIs a smoother, more efficient process. So we built Lux.

Expanding Node’s range

Too often, Node.js applications are very low level and focus on accomplishing small tasks because expanding beyond that is too taxing a process.

Shining a light

Lux solves that by providing a pattern that makes building complex APIs simple. The Lux framework helps engineers get apps up and running faster, without having to worry about the little details. The back-end JavaScript code exposes classes with create, read, update, and destroy methods already baked into the app.

Simple is better

Everything is focused on simplicity. Generators are included that make it easy to “write code” just from the command line. The Lux framework makes it easy for engineers to focus on the app’s key features instead of getting bogged down in the boilerplate.