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Fast, short-form video streaming in the browser for syndicated content covering internet culture

We worked with the People and Entertainment Weekly teams at Time Inc. to build a streaming platform for short videos covering internet culture. The schedule was tight—just five months to turn an idea into a new brand.

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What We Did
  • Product Design
  • Animation Prototyping
  • Engineering
Project Details
  • React.js application
  • Custom Express API with Brightcove video integration
  • Custom CMS built with React.js
  • Custom video component for autoplaying video on iOS
  • Custom Google DFP Ad integration
  • Custom Mixpanel integration for detailed video analytics

The Instant.me CMS

We created publishing infrastructure for Instant. We built a light content management system for syndicating video content, and a REST API for the web app to consume. Advertising is non-obtrusive and tightly integrated into the experience. Instant enjoyed a successful public launch in 2016 at the nationally recognized video conference VidCon.

Instant.me on iOS Safari

We built a blazing-fast video platform that lives entirely on the web. The iPhone's Safari browser restricts video playback to a takeover modal experience, and completely prevents autoplaying video. We built a custom video player that managed to circumvent the default iOS video experience to achieve inline autoplaying video on all mobile browsers.

The site looks great on any browser, and it’s fast everywhere. It boasts refreshingly little user interface—you’re just immersed in video. You can even sit back and watch it play. The video advances without input when a post finishes playback.

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