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Rebuild a powerful insurance product using modern web technologies.

What We Did

  • Product Design
  • Engineering

Project Details

  • Convert Flash app to React.js
  • Mixpanel integration for detailed app analytics

The largest residential property underwriter in the U.S. faced a serious challenge when they realized one of their mission-critical products relied on obsolete technology. Postlight stepped in to modernize while keeping current customers supported—and stayed on to help build Insight’s offerings more broadly, in collaboration with their skilled product team.

Fixing it before it breaks

It’s not often that you’re asked to completely reengineer a product from the ground up when it is already successful, dependable, and high-performing. But some parts of Insight’s tech stack were getting rickety and needed to be swapped out—especially the components dependent on Flash. We were asked to find a solution that caused minimum stress to their partners, while also making sure we got the app ready for the next ten years. We did just that, updating the user experience and providing a smooth transition for thousands of users.

Hard work, in partnership

Collaborating with the team at Insight gave us the access and flexibility to efficiently deliver the necessary improvements. We worked together to triage the most important changes, and built a new comprehensive style guide to keep things consistent. As an embedded part of the Insight team, we were able to consistently deliver high quality front-end code, even as the API was undergoing significant changes. The key, as always, was tons of clear, open communication with everyone.