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Intelligent magic

Big data from Bloomberg

Our shared goal: Find a way to deliver the power of the Bloomberg platform with one click.

No dispute. Bloomberg has the world’s best data. They were doing “big data” when most companies were using floppy drives. So when Bloomberg Media asked Postlight to add a new layer of financial smarts to any article on the web, we plunged right into their world head-first.

One click: and a web of relationships, stock prices, and related news is instantly exposed–added to any news article on mobile or desktop.

Truly powerful integration

Bloomberg Lens brings Bloomberg’s amazing data and APIs to the web and mobile browsers.

This app takes any page, extracts keywords and concepts, and requests data from Bloomberg’s APIs. We bridged the gap between Bloomberg’s legacy experience and how people use computers today.

Then our beautifully-designed dashboard displays that data in a useful, easy-to-explore way–a power tool for anyone who seeks to understand the real business motives under any story.

“I’m wowed by their agility, speed, quality of the work, and ability to adapt to new developments. They were constantly pushing me just as hard as I was pushing them to make the product better and more ambitious.”

Michael Shane Global Head of Digital Innovation at Bloomberg

We work fast.
Bloomberg works big.
It worked great.

We pride ourselves on being able to navigate inside of large organizations that are driven by scale. Given a schedule of a few months, we made sure we had the right structure in place to ship a working product–while sticking to the Bloomberg rule book.