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The Best of Track Changes in 2019

A recap of this year's best articles, podcast episodes, and Labs projects.

2019 was a busy year at Postlight: We turned 4 years old! We expanded our leadership, open-sourced one of our biggest software projects, launched a design sprint, pledged parental leave, and as always, we are hiring and growing. (You should work here.)

We also love to share what we we’ve learned along the way. Throughout 2019, we published weekly articles by Postlight employees across our product management, product design, and engineering groups. Paul and Rich put out new episodes of our podcast every week. And everyone in the company contributed to Postlight Labs, shipping fun experiments and modern digital tools and products.

As the year comes to a close, we’d like to share some of our favorite and most popular articles, episodes, and Labs projects of 2019.

2019’s Top Articles

Rich Ziade explains what exactly a headless CMS is, and the advantages of the model. A great primer for those considering making the switch, or rolling out a new web site.

Why Bother with a Headless CMS?

Some things to consider when building your web site.

Paul Ford follows up his cover piece in WIRED magazine with further musings on how the tech industry should approach the world’s biggest problems.

The Most Powerful Words in Tech Are “It Depends”

Musings on the problems of today and the solutions of tomorrow.

Mike Ashley guides us through the basics of React: What it is, the most common applications, and what exciting developments to watch for in the coming year.

Everything You Need to Know About React in 5 Minutes

A quick primer on building user interfaces with React and React Native.

Rich shares the eight key qualities he’s noticed the best designers tend to have, learned from a lifetime of hiring designers.

The Non-Designer’s Guide To Spotting a Good Designer

After decades of working with designers, these are my telltale traits.

2019’s Top Podcast Episodes

Paul and Rich discuss Twitter’s redesign: Should you put your product or your user first?

Rich and Paul dissect exactly what’s happening every time you open a web page.

We interview Evan Ratliff about his new book: The Mastermind. He guides us through the incredible story of Paul Le Roux, international criminal mastermind.

In a world with a thousand better channels for communication, how necessary is email? We sit down and try to figure out if there’s any point to still using what sometimes feels like an ancient form of communication.

Postlight Labs’ 2019 Projects

We launched what The Verge called “the best new chatroom” of 2019.

Introducing Yap, from Postlight Labs

Chat without the chat log, just like real life

Glides helps engineers easily integrate Salesforce into their app with a GraphQL API, allowing then to develop faster and easier. Businesses love Salesforce and engineers love GraphQL, so it’s a match made in heaven.

Glide: Salesforce GraphQL

Modernize Salesforce API access with GraphQL.

The best way to drive a team is to orient everyone around a deadline. We made Dash for Slack to break down sprawling, confusing conversations into manageable single-topic channels with an expiration date.

Dash for Slack

Gather your team in a temporary Slack channel to accelerate decisions through deadlines.

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In the meantime, have great holidays. We’ll see you in 2020!

Story published on Dec 18, 2019.