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The Best of Track Changes in 2018

ICYMI: The most popular stuff Postlight published in 2018.


2018 was a turbulent year for technology companies and the platforms they create and control, and we’re not shy about sharing our opinions on all of it in Track Changes, Postlight’s publication and podcast. This year we moved Track Changes onto a new publishing platform, all while we were busy writing, recording, hosting, and sharing: 50 podcast episodes, 30 articles, 7 events, 1 card game, and 1 report on digital transformation, to be exact.

Here’s a look back at some of the best of Track Changes in 2018.

Postlight Publishes

According to an ungodly combination of Medium stats and Google Analytics, these are the most popular articles that appeared on Track Changes in 2018.

Get Ready to UPGRADE

Rich Ziade explains how real digital transformation happens in our easy-to-read, downloadable digital report.

SHIP IT! The Game of Product Management

Postlight’s first card game is almost too real when it comes to the trials and tribulations of shipping software. (While we’re no longer shipping SHIP IT!, you can download and print a copy for yourself.)


Rich Ziade walks through how Postlight structures our software projects.

Our Gently Aging Avatars

Paul Ford explores how social networks haven’t solved for aging.

Make the Logo Bigger

Paul Ford and Will Denton tell the story of creating Postlight’s new brand.

Introducing Postlight’s Modern Serverless Starter Kit

Adam Pash releases a free, batteries-included starter kit for developers writing and deploying serverless JavaScript code.

Estimation Is a Core Competency

Gina Trapani (hi!) outlines a few uncomfortable truths, and keys for success, for people who build software.


Paul Ford answers the question we get from so many clients: “How do we connect the content to the funnel?”

Postlight Podcasts

According to downloads stats compiled by Libsyn, these were the most popular Track Changes podcast episodes of 2018.

Computing is Everywhere: Bret Victor and Dynamicland

Rich and Paul sit down with Bret Victor, creator of Dynamicland, to talk about the importance of creating intentional communities, and how a culture of secrecy at Apple inspired a life-long vision of community computing.

The Currency of Attention

Rich and Paul talk to Matt Hartman, partner and director of seed funding at Betaworks.

The Whole Internet is Sneakers

Product designer Matthew Famularo explains how the sneaker trade encourages platform development.

The Three-second Rule: How to Destroy Your LinkedIn Profile

Rich and Paul discuss job titles and terrible LinkedIn profiles.

Meetings and the Question Mark

Rich and Paul chat about productive meetings and the power of single character emails.

Tech History: Who Really Made The Internet?

Paul and Gina talk to Claire L. Evans about the hidden women behind the internet.

Less Machine Learning, More Human Learning: A Conversation with Charles Broskoski

Paul and Rich meet with Charles Broskoski, founder of Are.na, for a chat about rethinking online communities.

Postlight Ships

Postlight also builds and launches digital products and platforms for our fantastic roster of clients. This year we shipped products and platforms for VICE, The National Audubon Society, The Players’ Tribune, Insight Catastrophe Group, The Knight Foundation, PBS, The Shed, and more. Our work with Audubon and The Players’ Tribune was recognized by Fast Company in their Innovation by Design Awards; The Players’ Tribune also took home the 2018 Webby Award.

Postlight also opened up a satellite office in Beirut and officially got certified as A Great Place to Work this year. (Oh, glad you asked: yes, we are hiring.)

Everyone at Postlight appreciates every read, listen, heart, tweet, and email to [email protected]. Thanks for being a part of our year – we’re looking forward to a fun and productive 2019.

Story published on Dec 28, 2018.