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Show Notes

To ship or not to ship: Software is never ready, but sometimes you have to ship it. This week Paul and Rich sit down to talk about the difficulties of shipping software. We share tips on how to deal with numerous stakeholders and engineers so that you can release software on time. We also talk about the importance of setting deadlines and draw some parallels between software and Las Vegas buffets.


Paul — 4:47: “Everyone has a different road map to success…and the thing they hate the most is going to drive them and they all hate something a little different about the old system.” 

Paul — 13:19: “You cannot go live with bad, exposed security end points…the core value has to be there.” 

Paul — 25:11: “Everybody will tell you tell you there’s one answer. They’ll be like, ‘oh you should be more agile’ or ‘designers you should use these tools to communicate your ideas.’ No, you need deadlines and you sit there with people and you listen to them.”  

Rich — 27:58: “To build things at a real scale that are big and ambitious, you need more than one person. This is about people. The right thing is easy, unfortunately people are involved.”