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Episode 74 July 18, 2017 | 42min

Inside the World of Web Standards

Our co-founders talk to Eric A. Meyer about CSS, accessibility, and modern web design.

Show Notes

The history and the future of CSS: this week Paul Ford and Rich Ziade talk to Eric A. Meyer, an expert on HTML and CSS for more than two decades, about web design and standards. Touching on both basic and more technical aspects of CSS, topics covered include the development of the style sheet language, the incompatibility of early web browsers, accessibility (or lack thereof) in modern web design, and, of course, what the W3C CSS working group’s after-parties are like.

Eric: Cascading Style Sheets are the clothes you put on the body of your website, which is a little — I just had an in-joke there, for the technical people in the room. You put it on the body —

Paul: Oh, because the body tag!

Eric: Right!!

Paul: Ohhhh!!!

Rich: Oh boy. Ay-yi-yi.

Paul: So tell me just, like, one or two things you can do with CSS, for people who aren’t familiar with it.

Eric: Man. I mean, one or two hundred things?

Rich: I wanna come up with one [a term like ‘responsive web design’]. I wanna come up with, like, ‘compassionate nav-bar’ or something.

Paul: And then trademark it.

Rich: Forget the trademark, I just wanna write that article that’s like, “Ohhhh!” Everybody pauses.

Paul: CrossFit Style Sheets. [laughter]