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Show Notes

Beware the low-hanging fruit: On this week’s episode of Track Changes, Paul and Rich share some industry warning signs. We chat about why you should be wary of long research phases and of people who have total faith in the product funnel. We also share some tips on how you can tell if your deadline is slipping and chat about the importance of long term product thinking. In this week’s Hello Postlight segment we meet Stephen Koch, a lead engineer who joins us to talk about his transition from marine biologist to musician to computer engineer. 


Rich — 13:23: “The number one thing to look for when you start to get a sense that slippage is happening is the posture of the team.” 

Paul — 21:58: “The real warning sign…is a belief in one system or one solution that will solve everything. People come in and they are convinced that if they just add this data layer to everything, it’ll all work fine.” 

Paul — 23:33: “Increasingly I just feel people don’t care about the product anymore, they’re just sort of like, we’re going to get enough data.” 

Rich — 30:28: “It’s tempting to just go and find the lower hanging fruit and just go and try to find that angle so that your funnel is more effective but the quality of the product long term, it’s a longer bet and it’s more expensive.”

Paul — 30:40: “This is what sucks about the web in general, like where things have gone, is that about 80 percent of it is how do we commoditize and get more value out of the low hanging fruit.”