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Episode 75 July 25, 2017 | 40min

The Social Dynamics of Legacy Systems

Our co-founders discuss the impact of workplace culture on legacy systems decision-making.

Show Notes

Understanding an organization’s older technology systems: this week Paul Ford and Rich Ziade discuss legacy software and the work cultures around them. Topics discussed include how companies put systems in place and how they become unworkable, resistance to change; clashes between engineering departments and broader company culture; and tips for dealing with the social dynamics when dealing with — and trying to change — legacy software and systems.

Rich: Humans are a bigger influence on software than software.

Paul: Yeah, that’s correct.

Rich: The tools, the code, the platforms, the libraries, the frameworks: humans are the biggest factor on the success or failure of software.

Paul: The most satisfying thing in the world — and this was something I had to learn a bunch of times — is you wanna just drop something in the chat, and just be like, “Well here you go. Here’s your whole new life.”

Rich: “Later!” [laughter]

Paul: “Yeah. Check out what a genius I am. Bye!”

Rich: Yeah.

Paul: And that’s the worst thing you can do for your organization, is prove how smart you are.