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Show Notes

What’s the purpose of Email today? This week Paul and Rich sit down to discuss the monster that email has become. Email has transitioned away from a place to have conversation and become a function that eventually moves to another platform (usually Slack). So what is email’s real purpose? Do all meaningful conversations need to happen face-to-face? Can we collectively put an end to the eight-paragraph email? We answer these questions and share the top 5 worst email subject lines (Hint: “You have a minute?” is up there!)


Peter — 11:33: “Often times with product management you’re figuring out confusion, where there’s ambiguity, and oftentimes things are blocked because people don’t know how to move forward.” 

Peter — 13:42: “I think a lot of times in product management the initial reactions might be to react … but if you pause and you think about it, there’s probably a solution that’s going to be a win-win for everyone that you’re not thinking about straight away.” 

Rich — 16:24: “All you’re trying to do is move 5 different colored marbles down an inch a day. Email has lost its luster because of other tools out there and other ways of getting access to people.”

Rich — 17:52: “We make this distinction between what we call coin-operated people, and people who are sort of self-propelled, and you don’t need to give them 12 checkboxes and you see how many got checked off.”

Paul — 18:14: “Everyone starts their career coin-operated”

Paul — 21:10: “When people write in with sales questions we don’t say too much in reply… We move towards that phone call, we want a chance to tell a story and create that sort of warm human interaction so they know who they’ll be dealing with”