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Episode 81 September 5, 2017 | 43min

A Conversation about Shipping Software

Our co-founders talk to Goldman Sachs' Oren Mor—a former Google product manager.

Show Notes

The challenges of product management at scale: this week Paul Ford and Rich Ziade talk to Oren Mor, a head of product at Goldman Sachs and a former product manager at Google. They discuss his entry into the industry, making the technology behind Microsoft’s Kinect, his pivot to finance, and his return to tech at Google, where he spent years shipping ad products. They then go deep into the online advertising world, including ethical concerns around ad placements and the new taxonomies that’s creating on the web.

Paul: So we like to talk to people from very small businesses who are doing—

Rich: Cozy.

Paul: Cozy little tiny companies.

Rich: Yeah.

Paul: Which is why today —

Rich: We were, I was walking by this little fudge shop in Newport, Rhode Island.

Paul: You said, “Hey. Hey that guy looks interesting.” [laughter] And it turns out that the guy in the fudge shop was the head of product for Goldman Sachs.

Paul: What did Google make of your private wealth period? Like, I can see them being, like, “Oh great! The guy from the Kinect!”

Oren: I’m pretty sure I confused them in the interview process. [laughter]

Paul: Every time I’ve gone into [Google’s New York office], I have gone into the wrong entrance and then I’m a half hour late because it’s so big.

Rich: Yeah. Same here.

Oren: That’s part of the test. Part of the test.

Paul: Well I failed the test, many times. [laughter]

Rich: I fail it over and over again.

Paul: That’s why I work at Postlight instead of at Google.