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Episode 164 April 23, 2019 | 34min

Marketing Funnels: You’re Just a Cog in the Machine

A live podcast recording on marketing and sales funnels!

Show Notes

This week on Track Changes, Paul and Rich sit down with a live studio audience to discuss funnels. Lately, Salesforce and Mailchimp seem to be everywhere, from the buildings around us to the platforms we’re creating for clients. How can we integrate sales funnels without destroying user trust? Can we understand the immense economy underneath each online click? What does this mean for the future of the platforms we create? Spoiler: Paul created an acronym to help us out!

Paul — 1:42: “Really what’s happening as you go down the funnel is that you’re losing humans along the way. But the ones who are sticking around are the ones who you might be able to engage in a beautiful purchasing relationship.”

Paul— 6:30: “Tinder is actually a little bit like salesforce. You’re kind of triaging your leads.”

Rich — 6:38: “Tinder is a very steep, narrow funnel that you either make it through or you don’t.”

Paul — 13:02: “Most people try to build up, and make good interfaces and so on. Salesforce went down and are like, “we’re going to be beneath everything”.

Rich— 28:16: “The reason this is interesting to us, and we’re talking about it, is that this is really new to us. We weren’t thinking this way, even though we were living it by trying to move along a phonecall or a conversation to a second conversation to a third.”