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Episode 160 March 26, 2019 | 24min

Managing at My Worst and at My Best: Paul and Rich on Decision Making as a Leader

Paul and Rich discuss leadership and building company culture.

Show Notes

It is always a negotiation: This week on Track Changes, Paul and Rich discuss how to be a good manager and leader of people. We compare past experiences we’ve had as managers at our worst and best selves, and what we’ve learned from them (Tip: do not passive aggressively go in!). We discuss the importance of building a culture of speed and execution from the beginning, and how to foster conversation around timelines and scope. Paul and Rich also give tips on how to push back on a manager’s demands, in the right way.

Rich— 2:11: “Consensus and discussion and dialogue around decisions are really important. But as a leader, sometimes you actually want to apply a little pressure … and applying that pressure means there is less dialogue.”

Paul—7:26: “You are always caught between ‘do I mentor this person and give them a model of thinking that they can apply’ or do I tell them what I need to get done and assume that they will figure it out later.”

Paul—13:21: “It really is a negotiation. If you firmly believe that anything less than 6 weeks is a risk, then you have to come back to me and say, ‘we have got to cut scope.’ We don’t want to fail and be humiliated in public.”

Rich—16:54: “The best advice I can give [to someone with a manager]… is pause and think about what are the motivations that are creating that pressure. … if you pause and think about those motivators, then a) you start to empathize with why you’re getting that pressure and b) you can actually have dialogue when you are talking to your manager about that pressure. It actually opens up their thinking and they start to see a leader, in you.”