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Episode 77 August 8, 2017 | 37min

Keeping Remotes Close

Our co-founders discuss how to manage off-site staff—and answer other listener questions.

Show Notes

Remote working, iPhone cases, and Spotify’s UX: this week Paul Ford and Rich Ziade tackle three very different reader questions. In the first, they outline Postlight’s remote working culture and the tools they use — most notably, Slack — to help everyone stay on the same page. Next, they talk about the iPhone as a design object — and our desire to immediately cover it up with a case. And finally, they go in on Spotify’s clunky user interface when asked: if Spotify was your client, how would you fix it?

Paul: So we have three big questions to answer. First one’s about remote working.

Rich: OK.

Paul: Second one is about iPhone cases.

Rich: [laughter] OK….

Paul: Third one’s about Spotify.

Rich: OK. That’s a…we’re bringing it all together in a wonderfully ‘themed’ podcast.

Paul: That’s the right. The theme is: “questions.”

Rich: Yeah, exactly. [laughter]

On iPhone cases:

Rich: So there’s utility, and there’s psychology, and there’s fashion. I think that’s kind of the best way to sum it up. I mean, that’s a kick-ass breakdown right there.

Paul: Yeah, that’s great. That’s really good work. We’ll just put that big blockquote in the Medium. [laughter] Medium, you can like, make things bigger.

Rich: Oh, that’ll be faved.

Rich: It’s the equivalent of…you know when you get, go and get catering for your party, and it’s just charcuterie, and it’s just all sorts of cheeses and hams and crackers?

Paul: Sure. Very relatable. Everybody has this experience. [laughter]

Rich: Oh my God. This reminds me of that David Brooks sandwich op-ed.

Paul: Yeah. “You know when you have a swimming pool installed?” [laughter]

Rich: You can get this from Costco, by the way.

Paul: All right, yeah, everybody knows — honestly, all you had to say was, “You know how you go get, like, a cold-cuts board?” You just blew it with “charcuterie.” [laughter] New York City…

Rich: All right, let’s move on.

Paul: Media elite!