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Show Notes

Digital Transformation is like a Horoscope: In this week’s episode, Paul and Rich sit down to discuss need creation and the tech industry’s move to talk about trends in such abstract language that it seems like it applies to everybody. We chat about the relationship between service providers and tech research firms and why you should be suspicious of new industry buzzwords and complex acronyms. Reminder: it’s okay to ask what that new acronym means!

Rich 10:29: “You should always be learning, always be educating yourself on this stuff, just don’t treat it as indoctrination. There are people who do it and then think, ‘Oh my god my professional survival depends on me latching on to the five terms that everyone is talking about right now.’ Be a little suspicious.” 

Rich 15:45: “It’s overly complicated because let’s face it, there’s a multibillion dollar industry around selling these abstractions and selling the expertise around dealing with this ugly stuff.” 

Rich 17:37: “A lot of this stuff is about disempowerment. A lot of the stuff that’s overly complex that you can’t seem to process is very disempowering and you’re like ‘you know what, I can’t deal, I’ll hire Deloitte.’”