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Episode 76 August 1, 2017 | 36min

Breaker, breaker! On Starting a Podcasting Platform

Rich Ziade and Gina Trapani talk to Leah Culver about Breaker—her new podcast company.

Show Notes

Changing the podcast user experience: with Paul away, Rich Ziade is joined by Postlight’s new partner, Gina Trapani, for a conversation with developer Leah Culver. They discuss her career trajectory, from embracing computer science in college to moving Silicon Valley to founding startups Pownce and Convore to becoming an engineer at Dropbox. They then discuss her newest venture, Breaker, an “end-to-end podcast company,” and the podcast space in general, from the fractured digital spaces for podcast listeners to Apple’s recent announcement to share user data with creators.

Rich: So wait, they gave you a month?

Leah: Yeah, I had to build an iOS app and ship it in a month.

Rich: And you don’t know Objective-C?

Leah: And I don’t know Objective-C, no.

Rich: OK. And did you pull it off?

Leah: I bought a book. Back then you could still buy physical books…

Rich: OK, that’s not good enough, Leah! [laughter] Just buying the book doesn’t get you there, OK?

Rich: Let me guess, this is 11 days long, this startup, and then you moved on to the next thing.

Leah: Honestly it was a couple months. This all seems — you make it sound like my career goes by so quickly. [laughter]