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Jeremy Mack and Aaron Ortbals Named Postlight Partners

Postlight’s leadership team is growing!

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We’re pleased to announce that Jeremy Mack is now a Managing Partner at Postlight, and that Aaron Ortbals is a Partner at Postlight.

Jeremy Mack, Managing Partner, Postlight

Since Postlight’s inception in 2015, Jeremy Mack has led our engineering group. Postlight is practitioner-led, and Jeremy is a fantastically disciplined and engaged engineer, who is utterly dedicated to his craft. He’s an architect and a builder, and working with Postlight he’s guided the development of platforms that can efficiently manage billions of transactions.

Where Jeremy is truly unique is that he applies the same focus to building his team. As he describes in his post about Postlight’s engineering culture, he’s an empathetic leader who has built a world-class team of respectful, collaborative individuals.

Jeremy has had a full-stack career, working in both low-level engineering and binary disassembly, up to building abstract front-end component frameworks. His growth as a leader has been a critical part of Postlight’s growth, which is why we’ve named him a Managing Partner—a role in which he can both lead his team, remain a practitioner, and directly guide the growth of the business.

Aaron Ortbals, Partner, Postlight

Aaron Ortbals is a veteran engineering leader on Postlight’s largest engagements, and one of the founding team members of Postlight. He’s an empathetic leader, a committed and proven technologist, and has earned the respect of Postlight’s largest clients by leading their engagements to production release over and over again.

Aaron has been critical to the success and growth of Postlight, capable of taking extraordinarily complex requirements, boiling them to their essence, and then empowering the engineers around him to dig in and build great software. He also remains a practitioner, with a deep interest in front-end performance and optimization.

Before joining Postlight, Aaron was in senior engineering roles at Beatport, ChaiOne, and National Instruments. He is being named Partner due to his skill as a practitioner, his clear commitment to his team and to our overall engineering culture, his focus on turning his team members into leaders, and his steady commitment to helping our clients overcome challenges and meet their goals. As Partner, he will help position Postlight to meet the largest possible engineering challenges—and for growth.


Postlight’s engineering team is located in New York City, around the United States, and in Beirut, Lebanon. Our dedication to building a remote culture is proven by the fact that much of our engineering leadership works remotely: In Jeremy’s case, Tennessee, and Aaron’s case, Texas.

Postlight is a team of creative people working together to design and build great digital products—and we’re always looking for talented people to join the team. Get in touch at [email protected].