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Introducing Postlight's Node.js + TypeScript Starter Kit

Skip the setup and get coding with our modern JavaScript starter kit.

One of the most time-consuming and tedious parts of starting a new JavaScript project is just getting set up. That’s why we’re thrilled to release our new Node.js + TypeScript Starter Kit. This free, modern boilerplate fast-tracks JavaScript engineers through project setup directly to the task they want to do most: writing code.

Get Postlight’s Node.js + TypeScript Starter Kit for free on GitHub:


? Node.js + TypeScript with all the goods: A zero-to-coding starter kit with all the modern tooling baked in. – postlight/nodejs-typescript-kit

This starter kit creates the backbone of your modern JavaScript Node.js project in a single step. It includes typing with TypeScript, code linting, Prettier, testing conventions, and support for continuous integration with CircleCI out of the box.

There are a couple of ways to use it. The first is to clone the repository and follow the Starter Kit Documentation. The second way is similar to how Facebook’s Create React App works. Run the command:

$ npx @postlight/node-typescript-starter-kit my-awesome-project

That creates a directory called my-awesome-project which includes the starter kit code. After installing the kit, you can hit the ground running and just start coding. Here are the steps to build, run, lint, and test your code.

Nowadays, especially in the modern JavaScript world, there are multiple tools and conventions that promise to make development more efficient and less error-prone. Most of those tools make it easy to build a project, but setting them up is hard. So when you want to write JavaScript, first you must create the universe. This starter kit helps you skip that step and just get started.

Check out the kit, fork it, send pull requests–and be sure to let us know what you build with it.

Jad Termsani (@JadTermsani) is an engineer at Postlight. Drop us a note:

Story published on May 7, 2019.