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Introducing Callisto: A New WordPress Importer

Turn web pages into WordPress posts in one click.

At Postlight, we’ve helped many clients move content across content management systems — from straightforward transfers from one platform to another to massive consolidations of 100 distinct editorial properties into a single unified CMS. These sorts of large-scale migrations take time, planning, money, and a lot of expertise.

But sometimes, you have none of those things. Sometimes, all you have are links to some pages you want to migrate, a WordPress installation, and an afternoon. That’s where Callisto comes in.

The newest offering out of Postlight Labs, Callisto is a new WordPress plugin that imports content from anywhere on the web in the simplest way imaginable: Just give it the link and watch it go. 

After installing Callisto, you can paste any URL into the plugin’s interface and click “Fetch and Create Posts.” BLAM. You have imported that page’s content into a WordPress post. Repeat until you’ve migrated everything. BLAM. You are now publishing on WordPress.

You can import five links in a batch, and without spending time and money you just don’t have, you’ve migrated your content from wherever else it lived into WordPress. Of course you can edit the content before you publish it should you need to, but most of the time, you won’t have to! 

Copy the link, paste the link, import the post. It couldn’t be easier.

Check out Callisto on GitHub here.

Powered by Mercury

Callisto is powered by the Mercury Parser, our open-source Swiss Army Knife for extracting content from the chaos of the web. Callisto joins our existing Mercury-powered toolkit, which includes:

Callisto is the second-largest moon of Jupiter, and it’s roughly the same size as the planet Mercury (see what we did there?). We’re excited to welcome Callisto to the Mercury family of tools for developers and web users who want simpler, faster experiences across all corners of the universe.

Take a look and try out Callisto now, then let us know what you build. Also, stay in-the-know with Mercury tools by following Mercury on Twitter @mercurytools.

Adam Pash is a Director of Engineering who heads up Postlight Labs. Want to talk about CMS migrations? Drop him a note: