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Gina Trapani Named Postlight Partner

Some personnel news.

By Rich Ziade, Co-Founder & President and Paul Ford, Co-Founder & CEO

We’re pleased to announce that Gina Trapani has been named a Partner at Postlight.

Since she started at Postlight in 2016, Gina has managed the high-performing engineering teams that delivered some of our most important client products. This included launching Vice News and re-launching the Village Voice. She’s also a regular contributor to our blog, Track Changes.

As Partner, Gina will continue her work as a Director of Engineering, both as manager and a coder, but will take on a larger role in helping Postlight grow through sales and marketing.

“Sales” at Postlight is probably not what you’re thinking. It’s an un-flashy, consultative process done in everyday clothing (although sometimes we put on nicer shoes). Our goal is always to figure out what a potential client really needs, and then to figure out the fastest way to make that happen. By the time we get to a formal proposal it’s usually exactly that — a formality. Gina has been involved with the Postlight sales process for many months now, and has proven to be a natural.

Similarly, “marketing” at Postlight is less about brochures and more about sharing what we know, giving good talks, hosting events for the NYC tech/design community, interviewing podcast guests, and saying good, true things about Postlight when appropriate. Here again, Gina’s experience as the founder of Lifehacker and her years of experience giving conference talks around the world comes to bear.

In her time at Postlight, in addition to being a coder and manager, launching scalable websites for global media companies, getting way better at modern JavaScript, justifying WordPress where appropriate, and helping us grow our sales pipeline, Gina has also taken on work around diversity and inclusion, and has emerged as a mentor and supporter of people both inside and outside of our engineering department.

Postlight seeks to be a good place to work for ambitious, diligent, entrepreneurial, interdisciplinary, and ethically-driven people (while still making sure we all go home at the end of the day). Gina is all of those things, and so we are very glad to welcome her to the small group of partners who lead our firm.

Prior to joining Postlight, Gina Trapani worked as a programmer, writer, and startup entrepreneur. She created the pioneering blog Lifehacker, launched the time-management utility TODO.txt, and co-founded two startups, ThinkUp and Makerbase. She’s on Twitter at @ginatrapani.

Postlight is a team of creative people working together to design and build great digital products. We’re on Twitter at @postlightstudio.