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Introducing, a new Postlight experiment.

Two months ago the engineers, designers, and product managers at Postlight (our web-and-app agency in NYC) had a conversation about how the best part of chatting online was the animated GIFs (not the boring talk about work). And it made us wonder: “What would conversations be like if they were only animated GIFs?”

So we built a web app to try that out. And that’s how—an, uh, “animated-GIF-first competitive chat battle”—was created.

The rules are simple: Sign in with Twitter, challenge a friend, and then fiercely burn each other using GIFs while you each run down the clock. You can have a cute-animal-off, a nerd-off, challenge Shakira, what-have-you. Strangers can watch, and once you’re done, your friends can vote to determine a winner.

We’re only a few months old and this was our first “experiment” as a company and so we aimed to do something fun and participatory. Lots of people jumped in — you can see who on the About page. A lot of nights and weekends went to make this work.

As a side-effect, we learned how to make a totally decentralized real-time live chat with rich media (which is very, very useful knowledge), using the most modern possible technology stack. Handy! We’ll write more about the technologies involved in a coming post. (There’s no server! It’s built on Firebase. It’s pretty intense.)

Always be shipping

But that can wait. Go visit! See it on Product Hunt! Join the 17 people who currently follow @gifbattlezone on Twitter! It’s good times. We hope you like it and we welcome all your feedback.

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Story published on Jan 27, 2016.