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Embed Interactive Tinysheets on Any Web Page

Tinysheets are now embeddable! Here are some examples to get started.

Sometimes a little math goes a long way to illustrate a point, especially online. Tinysheet, the world’s tiniest spreadsheet, just made sharing simple calculations even easier. You can now embed a Tinysheet on any web page you make, so your visitors can see and edit the sheet inline, and make a copy of their own, without ever leaving your site.

To try it out, create a Tinysheet and then click on the Share button, and choose “Embed.” Copy the code to your clipboard, then paste it to any web page that allows you to add an iframe to it.

Here are six useful Tinysheet calculators you can try out, copy, and reuse directly on this page.

What would splitting with roommates cost?

What’s the average?

How does compound interest accumulate over time?

What do subscriptions cost per year?

What’s this percent of that?

How tiny is Tinysheet?

Try embedding a Tinysheet today–and let us know what your favorite uses for Tinysheet are.

Gina Trapani (@ginatrapani) is a Managing Partner at Postlight who loves a good tiny spreadsheet. Drop her an email: