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Postlight’s Mission & Values

Updated February 12, 2020

Postlight is a digital product studio. We build software for hire. We spent a good deal of time talking about our mission and our values and wrote down a set of principles that we seek to follow.

1. Our Mission

We aspire to:

  • Create an enriching culture
  • Think independently
  • Let ethics guide
  • Drive with design
  • Excel at our crafts
  • Lead in our disciplines
  • Empower people who use our work
  • Disrupt what’s entrenched

2. Our Values

Part I. For Ourselves

We love our work for the challenges it brings and the change it creates.

Share your love of your discipline and the things you learn. Be mindful that what you build will affect the world, either a little or a lot.

We are professional.
Be punctual, prepared, polite, and patient.

We offer and accept critique on the work we do and the way we do it.
Offer critique with respect. Openly accept critique. Critique the work, not the person.

We work across disciplines.
A great product is inherently interdisciplinary. Look for feedback and ideas from the entire company.

We get out of each other’s way.
Offer support, not supervision. Smart people with clear goals get the job done.

We respect that each of us have lives of our own, and responsibilities outside of our jobs.
We love our work but we believe in sustainability and work-life balance. If you have life or family obligations, or when things happen out of your control, go deal with them, let us know, and we’ll cover for you.

We support and value remote employees as much as local employees.
If local, keep in mind that you are the eyes and ears of remote team-members. If remote, never be afraid to ask others for information or guidance.

We share the responsibility of creating a respectful and inclusive environment.
Whoever they are — managers, peers, teammates, applicants, employees, clients, prospects, or guests — unequivocally welcome, support, and celebrate anyone who supports us in our goals. All races, ethnicities, gender identities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, physical abilities, physical appearances, socioeconomic backgrounds, educational backgrounds, nationalities, ages, religions, and beliefs are welcome. As often as possible, tell the world that all are welcome here. Constructively address behaviors that are not in the spirit of our values, accept constructive feedback, and if necessary raise concerns to Human Resources. Advocate for what is fair to all.

We accept apologies.
When you screw up (and you will; we all do) then say, “I’m sorry.” When you accept someone else’s apology, then truly accept it and move on.

Part II. For Our Clients

We are an advocate and partner.
Seek to create relationships of mutual trust. Advocate for our clients and support them. Act with integrity and stay aligned with the broader interest of the client. Give the best advice you can, and never disparage a client outside of Postlight.

We continually work to make engagements better.
Client relationships are exactly that — relationships. When they are going well, seek to deepen your understanding of the client and help them meet their goals. When they aren’t, address it openly, and figure out what changes — whether at Postlight, or on the client side — would make things better.

We are focused on building and delivering digital products.
We know what we are good at. We’re a digital product studio at the core and where we aren’t experts, we partner with the right people who can help.

Ultimately, we all work for the user.
Work with your client to find the real users of their products, listen to those users, and focus on addressing their actual needs and goals. Measure, then improve.

We think fast and work fast.
Efficiency is a virtue. Do the best, highest-quality work you can with the time and resources at hand. We measure success by shipping great product, not by billable hours.

Prototypes are better than presentations.

We build software, so…build software. Don’t get caught up in endless slide decks and rationales. Demo functioning software or interactive mockups as soon as possible.

Part III. For the World

We act as part of a network.
Promote our clients. Promote community members. Promote people who need a job. Promote the work of your coworkers. Support people who need some help. Offer our space for events. Openly and freely share skills and expertise.

We support the growth and well-being of the community around us.
Share your work and process with the design and development communities. Share not just what you’re doing but the mistakes you’ve made and what you’ve learned. Wherever possible, open-source code, design process, and products.

Your voice is part of Postlight’s voice.
We trust each other to have common sense about how we represent Postlight. Use your regular voice in public. Tweet freely. Live your life. No one is looking over your shoulder. However, be mindful that your public voice and public actions can be connected to the company. Don’t unilaterally speak for the company — speak for yourself.

We seek to empower people.
Do no harm. Protect people’s data and their time, and be mindful that even well-intentioned software can create unforeseen consequences. Build things that give people more control over their lives — or that delight them and bring them joy.

This document was created through a many-month, collaborative process. The language about inclusivity is copied from Vox Media’s inclusion and diversity statement (adapted a little). We expect to return to this every year or so, to discuss and adapt it.