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Product Design

Product design owns the entire experience, for all user profiles.

The design track owns the entire user experience. The aim is to create an intuitive user experience for all user profiles.

Early in the engagement, we will embed designers with existing users or the platform that exists.

Rough sketches of how tools are used today as well as user profiles will be created. The aim is to intimately learn and understand how people use your platform today.

As part of the design process, low fidelity wireframes are created to begin visualizing how the interface will look and and function. The workflow around the various key tasks are defined in this phase as well.

As product launch nears, design is primarily concerned with validating the designs against what is headed to production. Throughout the effort, the design team is engaged as subject-matter experts and advocates for the user.

As wireframes solidify, the design team will create interactive prototypes of the experience to test against users as well as to inform the engineering efforts that are running in parallel.

Interactive prototypes are shared with users and stakeholders.

Key Deliverables

  • User profile definitions
  • Wireframes / workflow
  • Hi-Fidelity designs
  • Interactive prototypes
  • Final design assets


  • Design Sprints – Relay
  • User Experience Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Web Design
  • Mobile App Design