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Chat without the chat log, just like in real life.

Online chat is fleeting and fast. Except…there’s a log. Who really needs a chat log? 

That’s why we built Yap, the best new chatroom. In a Yap chat, what you just said is all you said. When others join the conversation, they jump in to the last set of comments.

Just like in real life.

Why Yap?

You can watch videos together. Read together. Watch pointless image slideshows together. Make jokes together. Talk trash together. Study together. (Try it with lo-fi beats to study to, it’s amazing.)

Nothing is written to disk. The connection is secure. And even the stuff in memory expires. Unlike every other chat tool out there, we don’t track who you are or what you say.

Let’s Yap

Getting started is dead-simple:

  1. Create a Yap chat room.
  2. Invite others to join and talk.
  3. Share a link to just about anything, like a video or web page.
  4. If you think your conversation deserves an audience, share the link to your Yap chat publicly.
  5. Have fun!

When the conversation is over, it’s over. After 24 hours of inactivity, your Yap chat room disappears. You’re welcome.