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WordPress + React Starter Kit

Spin up a WordPress-powered React app in one step

People who publish on the web love WordPress. Engineers love React. With some research, configuration, and trial and error, you can have both — but we’d like to save you the work.

Meet Postlight’s WordPress + React Starter Kit, a free, zero-to-hero toolkit for engineers and product tinkerers who want to try out headless WordPress on their own computer with minimal effort.

Who this is for

For engineers and publishers shopping for a “headless” CMS—a way to enter content into a free, off-the-shelf backend system decoupled from a custom JavaScript frontend app—WordPress and React are fantastic options.

Postlight’s Starter Kit spins up the WordPress admin talking to sample React apps in one step, so you can start tinkering and testing for your own potential use. Read more about the business case for this stack in our launch announcement.


WordPress Without Shame

It’s an oldie but a goodie.

New in version 2.0

  • All-new GraphQL-powered React frontend
  • User authentication with JWT
  • One-step startup using Docker containers that work everywhere
  • Better developer tools, including continuous integration and improved code linting