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A mini spreadsheet

To split the bill or tally up profits

Tinysheet is fast, fun, and mobile-first.

The world’s tiniest spreadsheet has only as many rows, columns, and functions as you need, and it’s easy to use on mobile touchscreen keyboards. Add it to your phone’s homescreen.

Why Tinysheet?

  • Lightweight: Unlike multi-megabyte spreadsheets, Tinysheet loads instantly
  • Mobile-first: Easily enter formulas on your phone’s keyboard with Tinysheet’s smart touchbar
  • Private: You never sign in and Tinysheet runs locally only, so none of your data gets sent back to a server
  • Powerful: Tinysheet has all the functionality you expect. including cell references and ranges, SUM(), AVERAGE(), percentages, and nested formulas
  • Shareable: Just copy the link to your Tinysheet to share it