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The simple, remixable calendar for tiny scheduling

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Calendars are a notoriously difficult design problem to solve. Everyone has different needs when trying to understand the dates and events displayed, and it’s nearly impossible to have one calendar work for every task.

Scheduling, especially at the office, can quickly becomes a mini-game of calendar Tetris lining up days with official company holidays and other co-workers’ schedules.

Why TinyMonth?

Because it lets you do what other calendars can’t.

  • Plan flexibly. Life changes, and so should your ability to plan around it. TinyMonth enables you to pencil in dates, switch things around, and compare different plans.
  • See your year at a glance. We think calendars should look like calendars, not a timeline, spreadsheet, or Gantt chart. TinyMonth offers a full year view on one screen, with options to view months and weeks as you need to.
  • Share it simply. Copy dates in one click and share in email with your manager, in a text to a friend, or in a Slack channel as simply formatted text.

The Tiny Ethos

If  Tinysheet basically borrowed the first 20 cells in Google Sheets, why couldn’t we borrow the top-left corner from Google Calendar?

We stretched the mini-month view across a 12-month time range, starting from the current month, and then we made it easy to drag and extend ranges across multiple event groups.

Schedule away, and let us know how you used TinyMonth.