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Beat Information Overload

Get updates on all of your team's projects at a glance.

What if there were an automated way for managers and directors to see the overview of all their projects at once, with something as easy as a command line request? We built SOTU (short for State of the Union) for Slack to provide a web interface that gives an overview of updates for all projects within a company, or a particular stakeholder.

Tightening the Slack

Slack can be great, but it can be exhausting, too—especially for managers overseeing multiple projects in multiple channels. At Postlight, we wanted to address this problem head-on. We asked: What’s the fastest way to get the executive summary of every project into the hands of those who need it?

Your entire company at a glance

With SOTU, anyone in the company can access an overview of every channel’s latest updates. If you need a new status, request an update and anyone in the channel can create one. That’s it!

See every project—without all the digging

SOTU is simple to use, but under the hood there’s serious API-wrangling, plus several front-end power tools. Labs projects let us try out new tech and see what works best–here, it’s React, Jest, and Tachyons.

After launch SOTU for Slack quickly found an enthusiastic user base, and today it helps numerous companies run more efficiently–including our own.