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React Google Sheet to Chart

Easily include custom charts based on a Google Sheet in your React app

As a user, it’s easy to make charts inside Google Sheets. As a developer, you’ve got to learn a plotting library to include charts in your React-powered webapp.

Save the time and effort: Postlight’s React component, Google Sheet to Chart enables engineers to embed gorgeous, customizable charts inside their React apps with minimal configuration.

Powered by Google Sheets

Give your users the ability to update the chart just by updating a spreadsheet. Once you install this React component via npm or yarn, import and initialize it with at least three required props:

  • A Google Sheet ID
  • A Google Sheet name
  • A Google Sheets API key

Check out the README for detailed instructions.

Live Demo

Give React Google Sheet to Chart a try without touching a line of code on its demo site.

Enter the URL to a Google sheet (or try one of the suggested samples), and customize presentation, colors, and content.

Then, you can save the exported result to use in your documents, blog posts or articles.