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Modern Serverless Starter Kit

Deploy your next serverless JavaScript function in seconds

Postlight’s Modern Serverless Starter Kit adds a light layer on top of the Serverless framework, including the latest in modern JavaScript tooling, handy helper functions, and easy deploy commands to AWS Lambda staging and production environments.

Lower costs, scale infinitely

A serverless architecture can dramatically decrease the cost of running a high-traffic API, as well as decrease maintenance, configuration, and complexity. With Serverless, an API could be serving 1,000 requests or 100,000,000 requests using the same configuration, cache, and deploy methods.

Serving 39 Million Requests for $370/Month

Or, how we reduced our hosting costs by two orders of magnitude

What’s Inside

In addition to the ease and power of the Serverless framework, Postlight’s Modern Serverless Starter Kit bakes in the most modern JavaScript tooling, including:

  • ES6 via Webpack + Babel
  • TypeScript if you want it
  • Testing with Jest
  • Linting with ESLint
  • Formatting with Prettier
  • Serverless helpers like functions for handling warm functions and response helpers