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JavaScript Framework

Build scalable, Node.js-powered REST APIs with almost no code

Lux is an opinionated, modern, and fast JavaScript library for engineers building APIs.

Lux is an MVC-style framework for building performant, large-scale JSON APIs that anybody who knows the JavaScript language and its modern features will understand.

Maximum Minimalism

Lux doesn’t try to be a one-size-fits-all tool. While some frameworks include the kitchen sink, Lux takes a minimal approach. It includes a small set of tools for constructing a JSON API.

JSON API Exclusive

If you plan on rendering lots of different HTML pages or static assets then Lux is not the right tool for the job. However, if your clients need to consume JSON across multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, or a JavaScript application in a web browser you’re in luck.

Lux formats responses to the JSON API specification to make requesting and consuming data a breeze for your clients.

Not Another Wheel

One of the core principles of Lux is to not reinvent the wheel. Lux uses the JavaScript language’s standard library rather than creating new abstractions you’ll have to learn.

This aspect of Lux is heavily inspired by React and the concept of Minimal API Surface Area. The public Lux API consists of 4 ES2015 classes (Model, Controller, Serializer, Application) and an ES2016 decorator for declaring custom actions in a Controller.