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Liftoff: Airtable CMS

Easily create a static website powered by Airtable

Our new starter kit makes updating a website as easy as filling in a spreadsheet.

Static websites are quick to build and cheap to host, but they usually require technical expertise to update the content on them. Airtable is a beloved, hybrid spreadsheet/database product that offers a fantastic API. What if you could easily create a static website using content in your Airtable base, and be able to update that content without touching a line of code?

Meet Liftoff, a static site generator that does just that. If you know how to fill out a spreadsheet, you’re 90% of the way to creating your own website with Liftoff.

Why Liftoff?

Liftoff makes it easy to generate your own static HTML websites that pull content from a table in your Airtable base. After some simple setup—covered in the comprehensive README—you’ll be minutes away from using your Airtable bases to build online travel diaries, food journals, blog sites, and more.

After setting up the connection to Airtable, you’ll also be able to customize your site with CSS and custom React renderers to truly make it your own.