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Turning raw data into socially relevant insights

The Knight Foundation handed us with a significant research report on how journalists interact with Twitter communities–and more than 46 million individual tweets.

With a tight schedule to turn the report and data into usable takeaways, we worked closely with the Knight Foundation to bring this huge and deeply relevant dataset to life.

From Information Overload…

The original report was entitled “How Black Twitter and other social media communities interact with mainstream news,” and was commissioned by Knight Foundation. The goal of the research was to understand how members of marginalized communities such as Black Twitter, Feminist Twitter, and Asian-American Twitter interact with the news media. The dataset included millions of tweets using specific community-related hashtags (like #BlackLivesMatter) from 2015-16.

To concrete findings…

The report showed low levels of trust and little positive engagement between the media and these communities, as well as major gaps in coverage. Our task was to make these findings widely accessible, and shareable—especially on the original platform, Twitter. We also wanted to show how the report offered concrete ways for journalists, platform designers, and marginalized communities to discuss the issues.

Designed for Sharing

The design of the site references its Twitter origins.

Our layout and proportions referenced Twitter’s feed, but a new, warmer color palette made it feel welcoming and colorful.

We threaded cards with data and quotes from the report to enhance the conversational feel, and emphasized accessibility.

Ultimately, we saw the cards and findings shared widely across Twitter.