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Salesforce GraphQL

Modernize Salesforce API access with GraphQL

Glide is a JavaScript library for engineers who are building Salesforce integrations into their apps. Glide provides access to Salesforce via a GraphQL API to make development faster and easier.

Glide automatically introspects your Salesforce data models, creating an intuitive GraphQL schema out of the box. Glide also handles Salesforce authentication for you, so you can hit the ground running and start prototyping right away.

GraphQL + Salesforce, Perfect Together

Glide brings all the benefits of GraphQL to your Salesforce instance, including:

  • A strongly-typed data schema
  • Ability to get all the data your client needs in one request
  • Reduced network traffic and latency compared to REST

Glide can spin up a GraphQL server pointing at your Salesforce instance, or you can import Glide into your existing server code and deploy it. With Glide, you can start making GraphQL queries and mutations on your Salesforce data in two commands.