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Dash for Slack

Channel your energy

Gather your team in a temporary Slack channel to accelerate decisions through deadlines.

Sometimes you just need the room. Dash makes it easy to quickly gather people across your Slack workspace into a temporary channel, set a deadline, and get things done.

Dash is a slash command for Slack that creates channels with expiration dates for groups to have time-boxed discussions.



What’s a Dash?

A Dash channel is a temporary gathering of people who need to discuss a common topic for a set period of time. Once the channel expires, Dash archives it and—if the channel is public—the creator can broadcast the outcome to another channel for increased visibility.

Why Dash?

Dash puts a deadline on time-sensitive Slack conversations and helps teams reach an outcome faster.

Use Dash to:

  • Prepare for a meeting, event, or interview
  • Get signoff for assets with a delivery deadline
  • Gather feedback from stakeholders across teams
  • Remind owners to complete a discussion and summarize the outcome
  • Give colleagues access to the conversation that led to an outcome