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Cloudflare Worker App Kit

Get dynamic content at static speeds in your app with Cloudflare Workers

Sometimes static files don’t cut it, but deploying a server and database can be too much if your app just needs a few simple features. Cloudflare Workers cover that middle ground between a full-featured server and a static client. To make it easier for developers to try Cloudflare Workers, we created The Cloudflare Worker App Kit, a handy set of tools for creating, developing, testing, and deploying a Cloudflare Worker app.

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What’s Inside

With this kit, you run a single npm command and you’ve got all the pieces you need to start working on a Cloudflare Worker app, including:

  • Project structure, including source files, so you can see how everything fits together.
  • Development tools all set up — local dev server, TypeScript, webpack, Prettier, ESLint, and Jest.
  • Build and deploy scripts. Provide the necessary environment variables and run the deploy command to ship your app to Cloudflare’s 150+ locations around the world.

To get started, run the create command and start building:

npx @postlight/cloudflare-worker-app-kit create <AppName>

SecretMsg: The Demo

SecretMsg is a demo app built with the Cloudflare Worker App Kit. SecretMsg encrypts a message in-browser then sends it to the Worker which saves it in a Workers KV store.

To view the message, the recipient visits the associated link. The Worker fetches the message from the store, renders the page, and sends the response. The recipient enters the passphrase to decrypt the message in the browser.

Explore SecretMsg’s source code here.