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Nathan Burge

Director, Product Design

Nathan Burge is a designer with 20 years of experience working on award-winning products. He fell in love with software design while working as a teacher and instructional designer in the early days of the web and enjoys adapting to the constantly shifting landscape of design.

Nathan loves a good problem. His first agency role tasked him with rethinking the entire agency process to unite product, design, and engineering departments. After a successful year, he began leading design and managing designers and found a new passion for people management that has become a cornerstone of his work.

Nathan has worked across a wide spectrum of design disciplines including product design, strategy, brand design, type design, content strategy, instructional design, research, user testing, and management. Career highlights include design consulting on a concrete skatepark as part of a municipal infrastructure project, creating a bespoke typeface to help children with acute learning needs, designing workshop exercises to solve difficult problems and managing a design team with near-perfect retention during the “Great Resignation.”

Nathan is a Director of Product Design at Postlight and a passionate advocate for work-life balance, user-focused design, sustainability, accessibility, diversity, and inclusion.