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Jeremy Mack

Managing Partner, Head of Engineering

Jeremy doesn’t believe there’s repeatable process for writing high-quality software. He sees software as a human expression. Empathy for the engineers on his team comes first. He believes the best code is written by people who care about what they do. He knows it’s not a combination of tickets, bug reports, cards, and story points.

Jeremy’s software has served hundreds of millions of users and generated millions of dollars of revenue. Here are a few of his notable projects:

  • Architected, evangelized, and implemented the modernization of a Mail, Contacts, and Calendaring platform used by over 500 million people around the world.
  • An article analysis tool that generates financial insights using natural language processing, Wikipedia, Wikidata, and Bloomberg. A feat accomplished inside the browser, with no dynamic server or API.
  • A music streaming service that modernized a 10-year-old store and reached millions of users.
  • Freezer cooking software to combine recipes into a shopping list and single cook day to feed a family of four for a month.
  • Custom-built reverse-engineering tools to aid in the analysis of malicious software.

Jeremy enjoys balancing code with daily walks in the woods while eating his trademark breakfast: a handful of raw almonds.

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