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Adam Pash

Partner, Engineering

Adam Pash is an engineer, digital strategist, and writer who has been working at the intersection of product, editorial, and technology for over 15 years. A pragmatic thinker with a love of craft, Adam has led some of Postlight’s most important and successful relationships, including the Obama Foundation, Mozilla, and Barnes & Noble, among others. 

He has proven again and again to be a true strategic peer for our clients. His willingness to step out of executing and have a frank conversation about finding the right path is invaluable. He also heads Postlight Labs, the division of the firm where we prove out ideas and experiment with cutting–edge technologies.

Alongside his accomplishments in technology, Adam is a writer. Before Postlight, he was Editor-In-Chief of Lifehacker and Director of Editorial Labs at Gawker Media. He’s written books and for publications like Wired and Popular Science before transitioning more deeply into technology.

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