Our Approach

When you partner with Postlight we assemble an experienced interdisciplary team to make your vision real. Our designers and engineers work together with a shared goal: Ship something great.

We’ve used our decades of experience to define a proven, flexible, and collaborative process that guarantees software will ship on time.

Product managers lead the engagement. Platform architects define the technology. Engineers ship working software early and often, constantly refining at every turn. And great product design drives everything we do.

We’re fast, we’re meticulous, and we’re optimized to design, build, and ship great products.

What We Offer

Product Management

Product managers take true ownership of the product. They make certain that all decisions—whether design or technical—fully align. It’s more than managing a project.


Engineering at Postlight is a craft. We use proven technologies and proven methods to build quality software that can be easily understood and adapted. We don’t stretch engagements. We build for handoff to your team.

Product Design

Designers at Postlight are leaders in user experience design. From look and feel, to the interactions and information design of a product, our designers consider all aspects of what makes a product great. They work closely with our engineering team to translate your identity into modern, engaging, robust, responsive, user-tested apps and websites.

Digital Platform Architecture

Before a line of code is written, our architects thoughtfully translate the needs of a product into a sound and scalable architecture. We put as much care and effort to the design under the hood as we do to the topcoat.

Platform for Leadership

Postlight’s leaders are committed entrepreneurs and thought leaders. We speak plainly about what it takes to build great digital platforms. And we have a proven record—and vast experience—building the teams that can build platforms.
Paul Ford

Co-founder Paul Ford is a writer, product strategist, educator, programmer, and software consultant. He has consulted on and managed digital and editorial strategies for organizations as diverse as Harper’s Magazine, where he was an editor for five years, Condé Nast, Credit Suisse, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, and VICE Media, and for the media consulting firm Activate, where he contributed to editorial and product strategies for global media and finance firms.

Rich Ziade

Co-founder Rich Ziade is a noted leader in the New York City technology community and a globally-recognized product leader. In 2004, Rich founded Arc90, which quickly grew to become a large digital technology services firm known for its ability to build powerful, scalable web platforms. Arc90 under Rich was a devoted practitioner of standards-based, API-driven, highly-interactive product and platform development at a time when most websites were static.

Meredith Franzese
Managing Partner

Meredith Franzese is a seasoned operator and general manager who has a history of working with both established and early stage companies as they focus on growth. She has been on the front lines of digital start-ups, as well as leading new business initiatives within large organizations, including Beatport, American Idol, Muhammad Ali Enterprises, Metro International and Viggle, an entertainment marketing and rewards platform that was acquired in 2015. At Postlight, Meredith oversees operations, where she exercises her experience building businesses for scale and sustainability.

Chris LoSacco
Managing Partner

Chris LoSacco is a digital product strategist and team leader who works with organizations to build massive, scalable, stable software platforms. He has consulted with companies large and small, working to create, design and build next-generation revenue-driving products, including VICE Media, Beatport, Thomson Reuters, Cornell Tech and Knovel (an Elsevier company). With a background in interaction design, Chris currently oversees the client engagements and staff at Postlight. Before Postlight, he led the product team at Beatport, and before that, he was the President of Arc90.

Jeremy Mack
Partner & Director of Engineering

Jeremy’s career as an engineer has been driven by one goal: make as many people happy with the software he creates as possible. Music streaming, freezer cooking, video conferencing, and reverse engineering tools are examples of applications he has delivered to production for millions of users over the last 9 years. Jeremy also enjoys balancing his code lust with daily walks in the woods while eating his trademark breakfast: a handful of raw almonds.

Gina Trapani
Partner & Director of Engineering

Gina Trapani is a product-first software engineer and tech writer. She founded Lifehacker, the seminal productivity blog which became a cultural force, and led its editorial team for its first four years. Prior to Postlight, she co-founded and built an open source social media analytics service, ThinkUp, as well as Makerbase, an IMDb for digital projects (acquired by Fog Creek). Fast Company named Gina one of the Most Influential Women in Technology, and her writing has been published in The New York Times, The Harvard Business Review, and Wired. At Postlight, Gina leads engineering efforts and consults on architectural decisions facing clients and prospects.