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A true product partner

When you partner with Postlight we assemble an experienced interdisciplinary team to make your vision real.

Interdisciplinary teams

Postlight is a team of creative technologists working together to build great digital platforms for our clients and for the world. We live by these principles: We ship code on time, we don’t compromise quality, and we bring passion to our work.

Our team is made up of product strategists, designers, and engineers, who share the knowledge and experience necessary to ship high-quality new products on time. We work collaboratively — across disciplines and with our clients.

Proven leadership

Postlight’s partners are experienced entrepreneurs and thought leaders. We speak plainly about what it takes to build great digital products, and we produce platforms that change the industry.

  • Paul Ford

    Paul Ford

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Paul Ford is a writer, product strategist, educator, programmer, and software consultant. He has consulted on and led digital and editorial strategies for organizations for over 18 years.

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  • Rich Ziade

    Co-Founder & President

    Rich Ziade is a noted leader in the New York City technology community and a globally-recognized product leader. In 2004, Rich founded the successful digital technology firm Arc90.

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  • Meredith Franzese

    Managing Partner

    Meredith Franzese is a seasoned operator and general manager who has a history of working with both established and early stage companies as they focus on growth.

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  • Chris LoSacco

    Managing Partner

    Chris LoSacco is a digital product strategist, team leader and thoughtful technologist. He heads up the product team at Postlight.

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  • Jeremy Mack

    Managing Partner

    Jeremy's career as an engineer has been driven by one goal: make as many people happy with the software he creates as possible. He believes the best code is written by people who care about what they do.

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  • Gina Trapani

    Managing Partner

    Gina Trapani is an engineer, entrepreneur, and writer who has been building software and companies for two decades. She is best known for founding Lifehacker, the blockbuster tech blog acquired by Univision.

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  • Aaron Ortbals

    Partner & Director of Engineering

    Aaron Ortbals is a veteran engineering leader focused on making product visions a reality. With expertise across the stack, his goal is to leverage engineering to tear down barriers and ship great digital products.

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  • Matt Quintanilla

    Partner & Director of Product Design

    Matt is a meticulous product designer focused on crafting experiences that bridge user empathy with engineering performance.

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